The Everything Dog Adoption Bag – Kicky Brand
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Adopt Me Tote Bag
Adopt Tote Bag

Adopt Tote Bag

$ 28.00

We can't say enough about adoption. With over 10 adopted dogs and countless volunteer hours in our history and 3 adopted pups in the office currently, we'd say we are pound-puppy lovers from way back.

Stuff boots, ropes, jackets, or beach towels into our roomy 18 x 18 Everything bag. It's perfect for carrying your overflow stuff while adding horse love in any situation. It even holds a 3 gallon horse bucket! When we say "everything", we mean it. 

Proudly made in the USA. 100% polyester. Machine wash separately in cold water.

*Also available in Medium 13x13 and Large 16x16 for your smaller "everythings".

**Now available on a t-shirt!